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“Stop on the Day of Reckoning space. Receive $24,000 per child and pay off any loans. If you have a lot of money, spin the wheel and move on toward Millionaire Acres. Otherwise, bet what you have on a number. Spin the wheel. If your number comes up, you win the game. If it doesn’t, you’re out, and the game continues.”

–Instructions for the Original “Game of Life”


–Kim, you look beautiful. What are you wearing tonight? Our viewers want to know.
–It’s all Givenchy. (shjee-vohn-she) Except for the jewelry. That’s Chanel. Mostly. And a few doodads I picked up. At thrift stores. Through the years.
–Thrift stores? That’s very punk of you.
–Oh yes, I went through a punk phase.
–But you’re a baby.
–I’m not saying I hung out with Sid and Nancy. But I was very anti-establishment. In my own way.
–I love the belt. Show us the belt.
(Kim lifts her cape and reveals a dog-collar style belt studded with three-inch platinum spikes. Dazzled, the interviewer gasps, but he manages to ask one more question. Because Frank Ocean isn’t available yet.)
–Kim, what are you most looking forward to seeing in the exhibit?
–What exhibit?
–Inside the museum?
(Kim looks around.)
–Oh, that. I heard they have the original urinals from CBGBs. That should be fun.
–Oh yes, the urinals are perfect.