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–Bill O’Reilly: Let’s get to Skull and Bones, because a lot of people have heard of that. This is a Yale thing. We know that George W. Bush and his father, President Bush, were both members. But this is like a fraternity, so what’s the big deal here?

–Jim Marrs: That’s right. But if you look at the odds of this one fraternity fielding dozens and dozens of high-ranking officials. You go look at any other fraternity and you’re not going to find that. This has been styled, and the facts seem to point to it, that it’s a stepping stone into this world elite that is in control.

–Bill O’Reilly: Is there anything wrong with that?

from “We Distort, You Abide,” by Kenn Thomas  Add a Tooltip Text


Is there something about me, anything you can see, that might be holding me back? The hair? No, you like the hair. Good. I went with Warm Brown. Less risky than Natural Blue Black.

Pick two kinds of lettuce. Then choose four toppings. For example: eggs, chickpeas, red peppers (fresh or roasted), and celery.
This next list, this is your premium topping.
Chicken, shrimp, beef is good enough for most people.

I hate my job. I hate it so much.
Choose a premium topping. Do it.

Light spice natural reddish brown.
Natural dark neutral blonde.

Oh, him. He talked too fast and with a Scottish accent.
No one could understand him around here.
Damn him, he died.

Dirty blonde.

Look out your window. See those tremendous, fanciful snowflakes?
You could be outside.