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who you know


–Bill O’Reilly: Let’s get to Skull and Bones, because a lot of people have heard of that. This is a Yale thing. We know that George W. Bush and his father, President Bush, were both members. But this is like a fraternity, so what’s the big deal here?

–Jim Marrs: That’s right. But if you look at the odds of this one fraternity fielding dozens and dozens of high-ranking officials. You go look at any other fraternity and you’re not going to find that. This has been styled, and the facts seem to point to it, that it’s a stepping stone into this world elite that is in control.

–Bill O’Reilly: Is there anything wrong with that?

from “We Distort, You Abide,” by Kenn Thomas  found in the book You Are Being Lied To, c. 2001 by The Disinformation Company.


Is there something about me, anything you can see, that might be holding me back? The hair? No, you like the hair. Good. I went with Warm Brown. Less risky than Natural Blue Black.

Pick two kinds of lettuce. Then choose four toppings. For example: eggs, chickpeas, red peppers (fresh or roasted), and celery.
This next list, this is your premium topping.
Chicken, shrimp, beef is good enough for most people.

I hate my job. I hate it so much.
Choose a premium topping. Do it.

Light spice natural reddish brown.
Natural dark neutral blonde.

Oh, him. He talked too fast and with a Scottish accent.
No one could understand him around here.
Damn him, he died.

Dirty blonde.

Look out your window. See those tremendous, fanciful snowflakes?
You could be outside.


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