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“My family says: “Don’t ever see him again!” And implies things in a low voice.
But my eyes have their own life; they laugh at rules, and know whose they are.
I believe I can bear on my shoulders whatever you want to say of me.
Without the energy that lifts mountains, how am I to live?”

from “All I Was Doing Was Breathing” by Mirabai, Shiva devotee (1498-1565) Add a Tooltip Text


Are you mad at me? Because you seem mad. I don’t know. Your body language. Your eyes and mouth. You haven’t been laughing at my jokes. Some of them have been funny. You’re sure you’re not mad? Oh, okay. I knew it. What did I say? What? I didn’t say that. When did I say that? Wait, that was more than three weeks ago, when we went to Meg’s party. You can’t be mad at me for that. It doesn’t count anymore. Besides, that means you’ve been chewing on this for three weeks. How am I supposed to look at something as rank as that? The interaction has officially expired. All the planets are in different positions. Stars have exploded. Cells have regenerated. I’m not even the same person. It’s too late.



film clip is from Scanners, dir. by David  Cronenberg, 1981.