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“The strike is so spontaneous and logical a consequence of working-class existence that  most European languages have quite independent native words for it (e.g., grève, huelga, sciopero, zabastovka), whereas words for other institutions are often borrowed.” 

E.J. Hobsbawm from The Age of Revolution ♦Add a Tooltip Text


He’s a part of it all right. Part of the dark, unfair, unplanned group experience. It’s a careening, nefarious mistake and he is trapped in the group that is making it. Not that his friends are bad people, and they have every right to be angry, devastated, furious, vengeful. People on both sides are getting hurt. Getting dead, even.

(The guy on the tree branch with an arrow through his heart.)

He has to accept there’s no getting out. Just cast the vote and hope for the best.

But then his vote is worthless, hopeless, outnumbered. It’s just one vote, after all. The opposition carries the day. Day turns to night.

Let’s see what comes out of the river.