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“Wonder who first slid in
to use another creature’s skin
for staying warm—”

Carter Revard, from “Skins as Old Testament”  Add a Tooltip Text


she has this uncharacteristic fantasy of wearing leather clothing items and accessories. not one at a time but the whole collection at once. it’s uncharacteristic because she loves animals.

well, maybe she doesn’t love animals, but she feels sorry them. she feels sorry for the ones who are endangered, and the ones who are factory farmed for food and clothing. she doesn’t feel sorry for squirrels and cats, but she can’t even walk into a dog pound, and she won’t look at the puppies in the window at the pet store. too painful. so that’s how she feels about animals, probably it’s not love.

so she would not walk around in a suit of leather. but she dreams sometimes. what if . . .  leather pants. the only way she could justify such a thing to herself, and to real animal lovers, and to the cows themselves, would be if she became a biker. if she rode a harley, then she could wear leather pants, coat, gloves, bra, bodice, whatever. if she rode a motorcycle, the leather would be for self-protection.


because if a guy wrecks his bike and goes skidding across the road, the leather keeps him from losing all of his skin. he only loses some of it. and if he manages to keep his life, he’s going to want skin.

she wonders about this, if this is really why bikers wear leather. it seems silly to wonder about, it when she could just look it up on the internet and know right away. she wants to wonder instead of know.