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Relates to Virgo and Scorpio

Keywords: pure, devoted, dedicated, committed, moral, dutiful, responsible, traditional, conservative, hard working, perfect, sacrifice, discipleship, service, simplicity, integrity, focused, centered, whole-in-oneself, intact, self-identified, self-contained, private, solitary, free spirited, individualistic, sexual, sexually liberated, sexually inhibited, chaste, unmarried mother, ascetic, celibate, frigid, impotent, barren, promiscuous, prostitute, workaholic, confined, limited, narrow-minded, bigoted, fanatic, zealous, martyr, unfocused, uncommitted.  Add a Tooltip Text



The suspicious thing about astrology is that contradictory traits can be assigned to the same person at the same time and the description is still somehow believable, and believed. Opposite prophecies can be read from the same stars. Two people with nothing in common can receive the same exact horoscope and find it absolutely prophetic and inevitably true. It’s quantum. It’s dumb. It’s helpful to many.

My general feeling about astrology is this: if it offers you comfort and support, or more importantly relief and release, then gobble it up and ask questions later. The astrology platform is just a collection of concepts, like any other, including democracy, Christianity, and Justice (the store for girls.)

If certain people feel happier when they wear all white, okay.  And  they wear white turbans, too. Let them. They feel that wrapping their brains up will make them think more clearly. Okay? And if I see these white people in a New Mexico airport, it may take me six months to figure out what concept they are clinging to, but eventually someone will recognize my curiosity and explain it to me. And maybe the concept of turbans and white pants will hold true for me for a few days or hours, maybe even years. If it feels good, why not? It’s just one person’s belief. Only during one lifetime and not for the whole thing. Because it’s true that even a life of one hundred years is a blip. It’s not even a blip. Blip sounds too significant. I can’t think of a word diminutive and trivial enough to capture what I mean.

Concepts that once worked for me but no longer matter include the following:
1. Cheerleading is a real sport, it’s a creative outlet and a leadership opportunity as valuable as dance or drama.
2. My body is a temple. (Thanks, Grandma!)
3. The lessons that we learn in this life will be applied when we live our next life, so if we kill ourselves we are depriving ourselves of all those lessons we will need to succeed in our next lifetime.
4. Every person in a democracy has a vote, and, collectively, we come together and elect our president, who is truly a representative of the people.



Oh, and it’s a miracle that canaries hook up and reproduce.  But that’s not a concept, it’s a fact. I don’t have time to go into it here.