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“What I used to tell people was that, when I die, I want the whole world to end at the same time. If I have to die, I want everyone else to die; I want it all to cease at the same time. Everyone says, ‘Oh, that’s a very selfish outlook.'”

–from a conversation recorded and transcribed by David Wojnarowicz Add a Tooltip Text

Reasons to be grateful:

1. Eleven minutes are missing from the Zappa song in the video. (A guitar and synth instrumental).
2. We are not sitting in front of a congressional committee, or subcommittee, shuffling through our lawyer’s papers.
3. We are not using a Starbucks bathroom.
4. Our names are not Swizzle, Puck, or Moog.
5. We are not members of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition. We are not eating shoe leather, we are not Frankenstein’s monster, we did not accidentally strangle the one person who found us beautiful. We are not Eric Roberts, brother of Julia, more famous with less talent.
6. We sleep.