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“One major situation in which people give phony or “plastic” strokes is when they feel they should give strokes and actually have none to give. Either because they are directly asked, but usually because a person is coming on Victim and hooking her, a person may feel that she should come across with strokes. Under such circumstances, it is often the case that people will manufacture strokes that they do not actually feel. Needless to say, in a free stroke economy this is to be avoided, since it throws it completely out of kilter by undermining its basic assumptions. People need to believe it that it is O.K. not to give strokes to a person when they are not felt, since, in a free stroke economy, someone else who feels them will.”Claude M. Steiner, Scripts People Live Add a Tooltip Text

Film clip is from Altered States (1980) directed by Ken Russell, based on the novel by Paddy Chayefsky.


Dear G.

Some year, huh? I can’t believe I’m going to be a senior. Pretty incredible. I remember the last time I signed your yearbook I was only a rising sophomore. Well, you could say we’ve been through it all this past year and a half. It started off with you punching the shit out of my arm at your sister’s party. By the way I have a permanent bruise that will last forever. JK. Then it got worse when you tried to kill me with a tree even though it was my fault. I’ll never forget when you fainted in the gym that was probably worth the scar. It’s 1:30 so I think I will get serious for a spill. You and I weren’t as close as I wanted to be but for some reason I know if I had a problem, I could talk to you and you wouldn’t laugh, you might have smiled a lot but not laughed. Some day we’ll have to go back to Wendy’s and get a Frosty, that still seems like a dream to me probably because you must have been pretty far gone. By the way, next time you get a hangover and have a game the next day, bring your own sunglasses, okay? Good. Another thing, G, if you have a problem you better come tell me and not make me pry it out of you but next time I’ll wear my raincoat. Well, I’d better close so I can get some sleep. Take care of yourself this summer and please keep in touch, cuz you are very special to me.

Love always, T.