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El que no agarra consejo, no llega a viejo.
He who doesn’t take advice doesn’t reach old age.

El  que quiera saber sus defectos, que se case y el que quiera saber sus cualidades, que se muera.
One who wants to know his defects should marry; one who wants to know his qualities should die.

Fajarse los pantalones arriba de la cintura.
Buckle your pants over your waist. (Learn how to do without in case of a necessity.)

Las canas no quitan ganas.
Gray hair does not weaken your desires. (Just because you are old and gray does not mean you can not be active; you are as old as you feel.)

–found in Dichos: Proverbs and Sayings from the Spanish, collected by Charles Aranda Add a Tooltip Text


(the lost dichos)

Some hair sticks to the soap, some goes down the drain.
(Wait until it’s dry, and wear rubber gloves.)

The White House is on Pennsylvania Avenue.
(Pennsylvania is not really that boring.)

Run in heels, lose a toenail.
(All feet are ugly, don’t stare at them.)

Camouflage clothing is cheap and durable.
(Men like to play games with guns.)

Prius drivers never change lanes.
(Avoid hungry buddhists in the bulk aisle.)

Day-glo is not a color, it’s a way of life.
(Better to think like everyone else than to go insane.)