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“There is a second side to playing fish beyond just tiring them out. That is the psychological. If you can destroy their will to fight, you can subdue them more quickly. That’s the reason why I let fish run on a completely slack line. They think they’re free. They’ve just made a great effort and, suddenly, the pressure is gone. They swim a ways and relax. Then that pressure comes back again, telling them that they’re not free. Each effort they make is more desperate and each time its failure hurts more. Finally they give up. They’ve been able to do their best and it wasn’t good enough. You can break a horse. You can train a dog. You can break a fish’s spirit, too.”

from Trout on a Fly, by Lee Wulff Add a Tooltip Text

1. This kind of sport is okay because . . .

a. so not okay
b. fish don’t feel or think
c. it’s primal, evolutionary, man must hunt and fish
d. catch and release, baby

2.   The fishing advice relates back to the cartoon because . . .

a. corporate america is starting to smell bad
b. pink floyd already dealt with these issues
c. thomas jefferson was a fly fisherman
d. eat too many airport meals, you get fat around the neck

3. The guy on the end is angry because:

a. money changes everything
b. “individuality” is a euphemism for “riding the slack line”
c. he has a book inside him, and it’s not about fishing
d.  he’s not angry