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“What is a picture? On film, it’s the result of the clustering of silver halide or dye molecules into black dots or points of color. Look closely enough, and the image disappears. On videotape it is a magnetized signal that will cause a video tube to create a pattern of light, dark, and color on a television screen. In digital video it is a stored pattern of ones and zeroes yielding the same effect: a display of light and color on the screen.
It is only the mind of the viewer, making inferences from these shadows and color patterns, that gives them meaning.”
–Barry Hampe, doc filmmaker Add a Tooltip Text

We don’t care if it’s not real. What’s real is the commute to work on a crowded freeway, 9 AM and it’s already 96 degrees. Real is the way old, cold coffee smells and the way it makes you feel, like a moment has passed and something was supposed to happen that didn’t happen and now all you have to show for it is a coffee ring on your desk. There’s more where that came from. You will never run out of coffee, dear. Even bums have access to coffee.

A successful Seattle businesswoman is vacationing in France with her handsome husband, a tennis pro who is smarter than he looks. She has rented a beautiful villa up on the hillside with beaucoup bougainvillea and a view of the sea. She and her hubby have friends there with them, friends who are only required to pay for the plane tickets and a cab from the airport. The friends are good looking and loyal and fun. They do whatever the businesswoman wants. But she is STILL not satisfied with reality. She wakes up with a coffee stain. Remorse and shame and she can trace it, but she can’t shake it. She longs to go back to work.

Look closely enough, and the image disappears.