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Hello Scratchers.

This website isn’t going anywhere–all my old Itchy Banquet posts will remain here in the Archives (I love them all so much). HOWEVER, I have renamed the site to reflect the human being who is making this stuff, and to allow me to display a larger spectrum of content. To satisfy the rules at Facebook regarding fan pages and self-branding, which in itself is a crazy term, I need to be very specific about the fact that this website is no longer going by the name Itchy Banquet. Now it’s called Boo Trundle, or I’m starting to do more online performing, what is that called… youtubing? vlogging? messing around? Thus, a “rebrand.”

I’m developing an online collaboration called “The Creative Shame Reduction Experiment.” This project dovetails with a video column I do called PsychoAnaLITical for The Atticus Review.

New video content will also flow from my storytelling adventures with the Mapso Storytelling Show.

Everything I make will share the collage-sensibility and thought-forms of the former Itchy Banquet blog posts. (AGAIN, all still available here in the archives.) Cuz, well, that’s my aesthetic.

Let the distinction between the therapeutic and the philosophical and the psychological and the artistic and the literary and the spiritual DISSOLVE.
Let go.
Let go deeper.
Let go again.
That’s what I’m doing.