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“I tell you what I would change
That NO BALK to second base.
You know,
You can do anything to second base.

Yeah, I never did like that.
What would you change?”

Phil Rizzuto, Oakland at New York, May 10, 1991  ♥Add a Tooltip Text


These guys are Russian soldiers. From the U.S.S.R. (That old thing?) The illustration is from a dated book. Out of print.

Communism. Going the way of the dodo. What what?

The notion of capitalism without an enemy is frightening.

It makes me think of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
McMurphy when he’s sitting there after his lobotomy. No longer a challenge to the authorities.
(actually i can’t remember the ending. i know there was a fake-out, but doesn’t she subdue him in the end?)

(just revisited the end of the movie on netflix. confirmed on the lobotomy. grim times indeed.)

This NO BALK rule probably gets discussed and debated on the HIM and HIM morning shows a few times every season. That monster Mladic was hiding out for years.

What would you change?

Ok, I’ll lighten up. I love baseball too. And why shouldn’t we? Sheesh. I am not trying to point fingers, or get all HD Thoreau on your ass.

I’m just asking myself what I would change. That’s all.

Was looking at the date, October, 1991, of this Yankees broadcast. Meanwhile, in Yugoslavia, the Serbs in Bosnia were forming separatist governing councils, arming up, repeating many of the moves that led to war in Croatia.

An interviewer spoke to Vojislav Seselj, a Serbian extremist. (August 1991)

“What if the Muslims resist the suppression of their status as a nation?”

Seselj: “In that case, we will kick them out of Bosnia.”

“Where to?”

“To Anatolia.”

And in sports news, the Yankees won 5-3.

I wasn’t following baseball then, or the international news. I was twenty something in the East Village in New York trying to perfect my downward dog. SO I would definitely change that. I would go back and pay attention to what was going on in Europe. I would do that.